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Candida & Parasite Control
Candida & Parasite Control

Our Price: $225.00


The following items are included with this product:

Description Product Information
This kit is a more advanced kit for tougher cases of candida and parasites.
Parasite & Candida cleansing
Oxy-Detox is your leader with candida. It will begin the cleansing process with the intestinal tract.

Paratrex has a powerful mixture of herbs, enzymes & diatomaceous earth to create an environment to the parasites.

Vermifuge is a powerful mixture of herbs in a liquid form to add to the riding your body of parasites and yeast.

A.D.P. is your next product to begin taking right away. Emulsified Oregano is a great tool for combating this condition. A.D.P. has been known to perform a slow release all through the intestinal tract, this will give a great delivery of the product all through the body. Oregano has been known to have many health benefits and it is also known for being very unfriendly to Candida.

Primal Defense is then taken, especially at a different time (the oregano can also destroy the good bacteria, so it must be taken at different times than the primal defense). Primal defense will supply the "friendly" bacteria in a soil-based form, which will assist the immune system to build back its power.

Treasure Tea will assist the liver in cleansing during this process of riding your body of harmful organisms.

You made a right choice by ordering this kit!

Primal Defense
Our Price: $39.00
Primal Defense

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