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KI-Essentials was created from several people coming together and using methods that have been tried and true over many years of research and real world experiences. We feel many people are looking for simple but yet effective methods to cleanse and re balance the body. The products and the companies that we use come from the highest quality and integrity that you can find today. Out of our countless hours and years of experience from several well-known practitioners comes to your front door – the finished product.

KI-Essentials was created for you, the informed consumer. We wish you all the best.

Enlightened Staff

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Dr. Price is a highly respected chiropractor in the Houston community. He believes in holistic practice, using functional medicine techniques and understands the role of stress and emotion in the etiology of disease and pain. Through leadership in health and fitness education, research, compassion and a desire to serve, Dr. Price is committed to helping others acquire the knowledge to keep themselves healthy. He truly believes that “A healer is not one who heals others, but one who empowers others to heal themselves.”

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