Are Coffee Enemas Safe? The history of Coffee Enemas

Are Coffee Enemas Safe?

Are Coffee Enemas Safe?

Many of you ask, are Coffee Enemas safe? To answer your question let’s have a look at the history of Coffee Enemas first.

This article is an introduction to a wonderful healing protocol for many who want to have a healthier body. It is just a suggestion, but a suggestion that could change the complete way you look and feel.

In the past 20 + years, I have performed many types of cleanses. I have never performed coffee enemas until my recent years of being in practice. This protocol is not like anything I had completed before. I knew of the “Gerson” method, but it seemed a bit extreme and an overkill on enemas. There are other Doctors like a friend of mine in Mexico who has a very successful cancer clinic, and they only perform 1-2 enemas per day along with juicing for their success.

I would like to believe that I have simplified this procedure, along with other treatments we now have in place. We have found it ALL depends on what condition you have, along with your personal health status and of course your mental attitude.

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Ancient History

In Ancient history, we can find colon cleansing all the way back thousands of years. In fact, it was mentioned in the “Dead Sea Scrolls.” These documents found in Palestine mentioned the words of Jesus talking about cleansing the colon as ridding the body of evil from within. The Egyptians spoke of “rectal cleansing,” as a method of healing the body. They were known for being an advanced civilization and ahead of their time. Just check out their pyramids, we still scratch our heads over on how they built them. Maybe, we might find a little Egyptian “enema device” in a tomb one day?

U.S. History

It all started back around 1866 when an MD used the enemas for poisoning. Then, in 1896, they used enemas for post op surgeries to assist the bowels to move properly once again. During WWI, many times when soldiers’ underwent surgery there was not always enough pain medications to go around. Soldiers would also experience constipation after surgery and need enemas. The story goes that a nurse working long hours accidentally placed coffee in an enema bag. After giving it to the soldier, it did not only relieve his constipation, he experienced much less pain from his condition.

So, there the birth of the coffee enemas began in the U.S. Mayo clinic founder, Dr W. J. Mayo, used them as a routine treatment for abdominal surgery patients, and it was in the Merck Manual from 1890 up until 1972. Many doctors came forth over the years explaining the wonderful benefits of using coffee enemas; Dr Gerson, William Donald Kelly, DDS 1968, Harold Manner PhD, Dr Nicholas Gonzales, MD and more… These guys all knew the benefits were far greater than just using them for constipation and pain control, but also for using coffee enemas for Cancer treatment.

Now! Are Coffee Enemas Safe?

It is obvious that colon cleansing has been around for quite a long time. You will find out for yourself that this is also a very safe and easy way to detoxify your body from the many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis.

You can proceed slowly with your healing process or like most others, dive right in and get the most benefit by actually following the program. If you only choose to “try” things out and just see what happens, well I will just tell you this; “Good luck with that.” Performing coffee enemas are just a piece of the puzzle to regaining back your health or retaining what health you have.

Coffee Enemas alone are not enough, but as powerful and simple as this piece is, I would have to tell you that EVERY part is as important as the next. Why cheat yourself on halfway doing something or just putting forth little effort? Remember – this is your body! Is this body important to you or not? As I always say – it’s just a choice. I could write a book on my personal road to healing with my own body, but that’s a whole other story.

Let’s get you educated and understanding that FEAR is the only factor that prevents us from taking the next stage forward in our lives. So, how about we get started and just move forward. There are actions and consequences to those actions, some call this, “cause and effect.”.

Are Coffee Enemas safe? an article by Dr. Patrick Price

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