The Liver and Its Functions: Liver Importance

The Liver and Its Functions: Liver Importance

The Liver and Its Functions: Liver Importance

Western medicine and most other cultures of medicine don’t recognize the Liver and it’s functions as the body’s most important organ in the body. Here in the US, we look at the Heart being the most important since heart disease is one of the highest causes of death. Obviously, both organs are essential, but the liver is overlooked as of great importance. It needs to function as the great filter of the body for a person to be healthy.

The liver performs some of the most important functions of the body; detoxification and formation of important compounds including blood clotting factors. The liver produces Glutathione as well, which is very important for the detoxification process. If your glutathione levels are low, it means your liver is not functioning well and you will have a poor ability to detoxify your endotoxins. The endotoxins are the waste of your “bad bugs,” like bacteria, yeast, viruses, parasites for example. High levels of yeast will reduce your glutathione levels as will over use of Tylenol (acetaminophen).

The liver also filters, regulates and stores blood. With all the stress in the world, poor diet and over-medication in our “civilized” lifestyle, your liver can really become a mess. Because of these types of stress on the liver, it becomes dysfunctional and as I call it; “SLUGGISH.” Some of the first signs are sleep problems, thyroid issues, memory issues, weight gain and other body dysfunctions.

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Estrogen and androgen stimulate cell division, elevated levels of these hormones may lead to abnormal cell growth such as; women’s uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, breast cysts and breast cancer. With men PROSTATE enlargement and prostate cancer are seen, since the liver is the principal organ which removes these hormones; its failure to remove them efficiently often leads to their accumulation in the body and is a major cause of these diseases. What this means is STRESS hormones have to be cleared from the liver, if not this causes many hormone imbalances in the body.

For thousands of years in China they have known that the liver is the source of many ailments. Hormone issues have not been completely understood by Chinese medicine, so as a result women’s problems are not always treated successfully. The herbs usually used treat their condition for energy and blood stagnation, which may initially help to improve circulation, but elevated estrogen levels can eventually make the problems worse

Liver Functions: Why the liver is a very important organ?

The liver is the most important organ after the heart. Liver importance comes from liver ability to perform hundreds of functions including:

  • Circulation: transfer of blood from the portal vein to systemic circulation, activity of the liver’s reticulo-endothelial system in the immune system. The liver stores and regulates the blood and is responsible for nourishing every cell in our body. Every part of the body depends on blood from the liver for nourishment and sustenance.
  • Excretion: formation and secretion of bile for digestion and cleansing of blood; removal of ammonia from blood; excretion of substances filtered from the blood by the liver such as heavy metals or dyes.
  • Metabolism: carbohydrate, protein, lipid (fat), mineral and vitamin metabolism; manufacturing and storage of many nutrients such as glucose and vitamins; production of heat through metabolism.
  • Protection and detoxification: removal of foreign bodies from the blood (phagocytosis); detoxification by conjugation, methylation, oxidation and reduction.
  • Production: formation of urea, serum albumin, glycogen and blood coagulation proteins such as prothrombin, fibrinogen and heparin; erythrocyte (red blood cells) destruction.
  • Regulation of hormones: inactivation and elimination of hormones through the bile or urine. Since estrogen and androgen are both growth hormones which stimulate cell division, elevation of their levels in the blood due to the liver’s failure to remove them efficiently can cause their accumulation in tissue. This may lead to abnormal growths such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, breast cysts and breast cancer, prostate enlargement or prostate cancer. Excessive estrogen is also the most common cause of painful menstruation.

As you see, the liver is a very important organ. It regulates body functions which affects emotional and mental activities as well. When the liver is not functioning well, its ability to store and regulate bodily functions, bleeding or clots can occur. The dysfunction of the liver affects the nourishment to tendons and blood vessels resulting in joint stiffness, and then the muscles can spasm and become numb. This is a blood deficiency and this deficiency can also lead to other conditions like stroke, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, deafness, fainting and even convulsions. With even more deficiency problems, the liver cannot properly nourish the eyes, so problems like night blindness or blurry vision can occur.

On top of these conditions, extended stressful times can only add more problems for the liver. With an already sluggish liver, emotional stress only makes things worse, a hernia may develop, with pain in the side and the bowels become constipated along with insomnia and nightmares. If you find yourself waking up at 2 or 3 am, that is the time in Chinese medicine for the liver. It is detoxifying itself during this time. So when the liver is out of balance, you will find yourself waking during this time. It’s a sign that the liver needs help.

The liver is the most emotion sensitive organ and its weakness is often connected to emotional sensitivity. Individuals who are emotionally sensitive are more prone to a weak liver even if they have a great diet, not taking medications and are taking care of themselves.

The liver and its functions are very important to your body and you should pay extra attention to keeping your liver healthy. So, let’s get your liver in shape, a liver/gallbladder flush is just around the corner for you. Check out our Liver/gallbladder cleanse at Before you start any cleanse, always start with Oxy-Detox, it is step one in any cleansing process. For more information you can consult Dr. Patrick Price at Houston International Wellness Center

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