How to create a healthy Liver and gallbladder

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If you’re feeling sluggish, bloated, or just generally unwell, it might be time to consider flushing your liver and gallbladder. These two organs play a vital role in your body’s digestive system, overall health, and more and when they become overloaded with toxins, they can’t function and perform their over 1,000 different tasks, especially the liver.

The liver is responsible for filtering toxins and waste products from our blood, while the gallbladder helps in the digestion of fats by secreting bile. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can take to help detoxify and rejuvenate these essential organs.

Step 1: Hydrate with microminerals

The first step in flushing your liver and gallbladder is to hydrate. Drinking plenty of purified water helps to flush out toxins and keep your organs functioning at their best. Make sure and add Himalayan salt to your water. Make SOLE and add these micro minerals to your water. These minerals will feed your organs and glands that can become deficient. Try to drink several glasses of water a day and avoid sugary or caffeinated drinks that can dehydrate you.

Step 2: Eat a Liver-Friendly Diet

Next, focus on eating a diet that supports liver health. This means avoiding processed foods, alcohol, and fried or fatty foods that can burden your liver and gallbladder. Saturated fats can slow down the function of your liver and gallbladder, especially high fructose corn syrup which is the worst of the worst. Instead, aim to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats like those found in nuts, seeds, and avocados. Coconut is also a great fat for the liver since it does not need to be broken down by the bile from the gallbladder.

Step 3: Use Herbal Supplements

In addition to diet, hydration, and minerals you can also use herbal supplements to support liver and gallbladder health. Milk thistle is a popular herb that is known to help detoxify the liver, while dandelion root and turmeric can also be effective. We use two wonderful products from our site; Liver Health and Chanca Piedra from the rainforest. These two products can be used as a daily tonic for the liver or taken in larger dosages to detox the liver and gallbladder system. You can always consult with our online doctor about any questions you may have when it comes to taking these products or for detoxing your liver/gallbladder system. If you have a medical condition or are taking prescription medications, please email or text us to have a virtual visit with our specialist.

Step 4: Prepare for a Liver Flush

When you are ready to get serious you might consider performing a liver/gallbladder flush. There are several different liver flush protocols online and it can be confusing, make sure and use a flush that has been used for many successful years. Most flushes typically involve drinking a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice to stimulate the liver and gallbladder to release toxins. It’s important to follow a specific protocol and speak with our online healthcare provider before starting any liver flush to ensure that you perform it correctly.

In conclusion, flushing your liver and gallbladder can be an effective way to support overall health, and return you back to excellent health and well-being. By staying hydrated with purified water with minerals, eating a liver-friendly diet, using herbal supplements, and performing a liver flush, you can help your body eliminate toxins and feel yourself again. Remember to always talk to our healthcare provider before starting any new health program.

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